Void Demons are an NFG group of Pirates associated with an online MMORPG known as Star Wars Combine (SWC).
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 Caste System

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PostSubject: Caste System   Caste System I_icon_minitimeTue Sep 01, 2015 10:24 pm

Warrior Caste

The Warrior Caste is the most powerful of the castes, the rulers of Void Wings society and for whom the lower castes strive to support.

Scientist / Technician Caste

The Scientist/Technician Caste serve everywhere in the Void Wings community to maintain the machinery, weapons, computers and vehicles that the other castes use ... as well as the further development of all needed and required technologies. The majority work with the warrior caste and fulfilling the role of crews for most Warships is one of their most important sub-castes.

Merchant Caste

The Merchant Caste is charged with the acquisition and/or manufacture of the raw materials and tools necessary for the Rangers to function. Free-traders, machinists, artisans and a wide range of other sub-castes all serve to make the Clan wealthy, for a Clan with a strong economy tends to have a strong military.

Laborer Caste

The Laborer Caste is both the largest and lowest-level caste in the official Void Wings Hierarchy. Primarily geared towards physical labor, its sub-castes include farmers, miners, dockworkers, cleaners, builders and other specializations. They lack the formal education given to other castes but are, nevertheless, highly skilled workers.

Grey Caste

This caste is not recognized by Void Wings society, yet it exists nonetheless. Referred to as the Grey Caste or Exiles, it supports the failures of Void Wings society, the unwanted and the rejects. The Grey Caste has no voice in any affairs of the Void Wings because their group is not sanctioned.
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Caste System
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